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Coyotes @ Oilers Recap: A Much Needed Comeback

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After giving up 2 goals in the second period the Phoenix Coyotes had a big comeback in the third period against the Edmonton Oilers, which took sent the game to overtime and the shootout which the Yotes handily won. This was a big moment for the Coyotes, it was Dave Tippett's 400th NHL win, this was the first time in franchise history that the Yotes have swept the Oilers, it moved the Coyotes back into 7th place, and now the Coyotes are tied with the Dallas Stars for the Pacific Division lead.

The Coyotes played a good solid first period, they did not allow the usual early deficit, but they were not able to generate any goals of their own. For the Coyotes though, the second period was the new first period, they allowed Edmonton to score twice in 33 seconds, with goals from Jordan Eberle and Ales Hemsky. The Coyotes did not quit though, they shook off the second period woos with 2 goals from Ray Whitney and Raffi Torres to tie the game up late in the third. Suddenly the game that looked lost was very much still within reach. Keith Yandle was busy during the game, he fought Lennart Petrell in the first, a fight that he lost, he took a penalty early in overtime, and as he was getting out of the box he picked up the puck and got hooked getting him a penalty shot, which was unsuccessful. Mikkel Boedker and Ray Whitney scored in the shootout, Boeds has been great on the shootouts this season and its great to see him in that role that he is so successful at. This was the return of Martin Hanzal and Radim Vrbata.

Edmonton started off the game pretty slow offensively. For a while the Coyotes the shots on goal were 6-0 Coyotes, but the did manage to even that out and generate more offense later in the game. The Oilers scored the first two goals of the game which definitely allowed them to control the flow of the game later on. After Whitney's goal they worked hard to try shut down the Yotes and keep them from generating any more offense, but unfortunately they couldn't stop Torres. Devan Dubnyk looked great this game, and for a while it didn't look like the Coyotes were going to be able to put anything past him.

Five For Winning

1. Don't let the Oilers score first. Especially 17 seconds into the game like another Canadian team did recently. I really don't need to say anymore do I? Didn't happen but luckily the Yotes managed to win.

2. Play physical. The games I have watched between these two teams have been very physical and the Yotes have dominated those games. If it isn't broke don't fix it. This was not one of the more physical games for that the Coyotes have played this season. I would have liked to see them play a bit more physical of a game.

3. Take lots of shots. Its pretty simple math but you usually need to shoot the puck in order to score goals, and goals are what win games. The Coyotes are going to need to generate offense, despite winning the last game they only had 20 shots on goal. The Yotes had 42 shots on goal during this game, which is good.

4. Defense. The most shots on goal that the Oilers have had against the Coyotes in a single game this season is 26. Keep Edmonton from getting those shots and chances and you keep them off the board. The Oilers had more shots on goal during this game than any other game, luckily only two went in. There were a couple of defensive breakdowns though which they are going to need to fix when they play better teams.

5. Play like the other three games and just win. No further explanation needed. The Yotes didn't dominate this game like they had previously, but they won like they had all season.

Our Three Stars:

1. Ray Whitney. The Wizard scored the first goal which got the Yotes going and got the winning goal in the shootout.

2. Raffi Torres. Torres got the tying goal and kept the Coyotes in game.

3. Mikkel Boedker. Boedker started off the shootout for the Yotes and made scoring look easy.

Comment of the Night


I've been screaming and yelling about this.

Lets flip our attitudes.


by TimmyHate


Looking Forward

The Coyotes are tied with the Stars for the Pacific Division lead, and it seems almost fated that these two teams will be facing off against each other on Tuesday. The Western Conference playoff landscape changes almost daily, but if the Coyotes can win against Dallas things may be a little bit easier for them, but they are still going to have to play hard the final 9 games.