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The Five For Howling Roundtable: 14 Things We Love About Hockey

Greetings Phoenix Coyotes fans. We are dispensing with our normal format in this edition in honor of Valentine's Day. This week staff members at the site were asked to list 14 things they love about the greatest sport on the planet. After the jump you'll see the individual lists four of us came up with. Enjoy.


1. No taking a knee to end a game

2. Hockey Hair

3. Customized goaltender helmets

4. Playoff beards

5. Force and Sully

6. A perfectly-executed one timer

7. Shorties

8. Vrby's patented forehand-backand

9. Amateur dentistry

10. The Winter Classic

11. Goalies trying for an empty-netter

12. A good long cycle

13. The loud "Ping" noise from hitting the post

14. The nicest guy in the NHL, Shane Doan.

The Dude:

1. Third Jerseys

2. Penalty Kills

3. Goalie Helmets

4. Player Nicknames

5. The movie Slapshot

6. Changes in game momentum

7. Shootout victories

8. Checking

9. Shutout victories

10. Taking a big hit and getting back on the ice even though you're hurting

11. Good beers at games

12. Teammates getting retribution after a dirty hit

13. The fact that any team can win any game, for example the Carolina
Hurricanes, who suck this season, managed to sweep the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins.

14. Throwing your hat on the ice for a hat-trick


1. A successful penalty kill

2. The handshake line at the end of a playoff series

3. Playoff Overtimes - Best drama in pro sports

4. The KLM Line

5. The Stanley Cup

6. The two way play of Radim Vrbata

7. Glove saves on breakaways

8. Hockey stick prep

9. Hockey in Arizona. Nothing like going to a rink when its 115 degrees outside.

10. Pavel Datsyuk's hands

11. Hat tricks

12. The Secretary of Defense

13. Hockey terminology (five hole, one timer, dot, twig, top shelf, etc.)

14. The Hockey Community (see the photo above)


1. Hockey injuries - 100+ stitches and only missing a period or so

2. Lord Stanley's Cup - the greatest trophy in all of the world

3. Personalities and Twitter - I don't think any other sport has gotten as much out of 140 characters or less

4. Touch Up Offsides - keeps the game moving and adds to the speed of the game

5. Speaking of speed - skaters moving up to 30 mph and hitting other guys...yay, that's awesome

6. 0-0 ties - screw the shootout, ties are awesome and 0-0 ties were pretty bad ass too

7. On the other end of the spectrum, a 10-9 game is also kinda awesome

8. Old school wraparound goals

9. Tic-tac-toe passing - not usually the Coyotes forte, but so pretty when done well

10. The lone defenseman covering the 2-on-1 breakaway

11. Blocked shots - the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the team

12. 3-on-5 goals - Mike Richards has the record for career 3-on-5 goals with 3...they are ridiculous

13. Goalie fights - just absurd in every regard

14. Sudden Death Playoff Overtime - when the extra time runs longer than the actual game...