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Friday's Coyotes Tracks - Back To Square One?

Yesterday, everything seemed to be going well, until the night and things in the NHL CBA negotiations went a bit off the rails. It appears like things didn't go well as the NHL and the PA as they can't even agree how close they are to an agreement.

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Bruce Bennett

Coyotes News

What You Should Have Learned About The Phoenix Coyotes Lease Deal - Five For Howling
We saw something over on Puck Daddy last week, it was so ripe with mistakes, Ben couldn't help but set the record straight.

Lockout News

Watch Gary Bettman blow up lockout negotiations, get depressed about the NHL (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
The NHL is such a joke. Incredible.

NHLPA proposal rejected; no talks scheduled - - News
Bettman discusses what happened.

Bettman: "We’re at a loss to explain what happened" | ProHockeyTalk
So are the fans.

The Penguins Aren't Trying to End the Lockout - PensBurgh
They just want to make money.

Nerves frayed as NHL negotiations intensify | Hockey | CBC Sports
Things are possibly getting a little emotional. Maybe.

Ryan Miller, Jeremy Jacobs got heated Wednesday night — yet CBA talks continued | ProHockeyTalk
There was apparently some tension last night.

The Players and Owners CBA Negotiations -- Advanced Stats - Battle of California

Pirates News

Pirates owner arrested for OUI - Maine Hockey Journal
Pirates CEO Brian Petrovek was arrested early Wednesday morning.

Manchester Phoenix News

Scott McKenzie out, Bari McKenzie in at Manchester Phoenix | Cheshire Today
There is a little bit of reshuffling going on with the Manchester lineup.

News From Around the Hockey World

2012-2013 ACHA Men's Division 1 Ranking #10 |
Despite losing a game finally, ASU is still number 1.

ASU Hockey: New 'Hell Frozen Over' with Jordan Young and Coach Greg Powers - House of Sparky
This week, they are joined by head coach Greg Powers and defenseman Jordan Young.

The ECHL - Premier 'AA' Hockey League | ECHL announces fine, suspension
21 games is a Raffi Torres level suspension.

What's Wrong with Michigan? - Western College Hockey Blog
One of the reasons is we stole Chris Brown.

Analyzing a short NHL season: which teams would benefit, and who gets hurt | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
The mechanics of a shorten season will effect different teams differently.

Michigan Senate OKs bill to help build Detroit Red Wings new home - ESPN
The Michigan Senate approved legislation Wednesday to help finance a downtown Detroit project that would include a new home for the NHL's Detroit Red Wings.

Would Sign and Trade Deals Be A Good Thing For The NHL? - The Copper & Blue
The writer isn't a big fan of the idea.

The Final Howl

Lockout at the Movies | The Hockey Writers
Even with current labor negotiations still up in the air, there is still room for some fun among NHL fans. In that spirit I present to you how some of Hollywood’s most memorable scenes would have played out during this NHL lockout.