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Wednesday's Coyotes Tracks - Bare Bones

Hope that your celebrated holidays were much enjoyed. Yesterday was slow as far as hockey news goes.

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Bruce Bennett

Coyotes News

Top 2012: Remembering the Coyotes’ improbable playoff run | ProHockeyTalk
A fun ride for a team that's best known for its off-ice affairs.

World Junior Hockey 2013: Coyotes Prospect Connor Murphy Makes USA Roster - Five For Howling
It appears an injury won't keep Murphy out of the World Juniors.

Lockout News

In the NHL lockout, the owners have it all wrong - The Washington Post
"As the third lockout under Gary Bettman drags on, it couldn’t be more clear — the owners are at fault."

Sundogs News

Dog Caller - Arizona Sundogs Brighten Fans' Holidays - Five For Howling
Sundoggirl looks back at last week's turnaround.

Manchester Phoenix News

Phoenix Edge Thriller in Peterborough - News - Manchester Phoenix
Manchester pulled out the win in the shootout.

News From Around the Hockey World

It's one thing after another for Canada to start world junior championship - - News
Lack of discipline continues to hurt Team Canada.

USA not looking ahead in world junior championships - USA Today
Kevin Allen takes a gander at Team America.

2013 World Junior Roster Breakdown by NHL Team - The Hockey Writers
I handy list of which players have been drafted by which teams.

The Final Howl

NHL: Chicago Wolves owner wants to run an NHL franchise -
The Chicago Wolves Don Levin is ready to buy the next available NHL franchise.