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Friday's Coyotes Tracks - Preweekend Edition

With the weekend fast approaching we have links about the lockout, a look at the anti-Coyotes lease referendum and how it is invalid, and a triple shot of humor in the Final Howl.

Bruce Bennett

Coyotes News

Sunbelt Hockey Journal – In the System: Connor Murphy
Sunbelt Hockey takes a look at Conner Murphy

Glendale First! Claims Coyotes Lease Petition Invalid - Five For Howling
The Back to Sanity PAC has began collecting signatures for a referendum. However, according to Gledale First! those signatures are invalid.

Deja Vu All Over Again " Nebulous Verbosity
Invalid signatures? We've been here before.

Lockout News

President Obama: NHL players, owners need to ‘do right by your fans’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
The President thinks this about 2 sides who both make a lot of money.

Murray Chass On Baseball " BET ON FEHR, NOT BETTMAN
A baseball writer's view on Donald Fehr and the lockout. (s/t to J.P. from Japers' Rink)

Pirates News

Portland Pirates move into second place | Portland Daily Sun
The Pirates are in second place in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference.

Gladiators News

Gladiators trade Clackson to Alaska - Gwinnett Daily Post
Gwinnett Gladiators traded for defensemen Russ Sinkewich who spent time in the AHL last season

Gladiators win streak snapped in Greenville - Gwinnett Daily Post
The Glads had their 3 game winning streak broken last night.

Sundogs News

Sundogs deal Hood for 2 players - The Prescott Daily Courier - Prescott, Arizona
Sundogs may be trying to shake things up with a trade.

News From Around the Hockey World

World Junior Championship Primer: Team USA - Backhand Shelf
The WJC is this weekend and the tourney is right around the corner. This piece is an overview of what Team USA will likely look like.

Should the NHL contract to 20 teams? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports Canada
You know our answer. Greg Wyshynski agrees.

ASU Hockey: Why are the Sun Devils #1? Look at the Stats - House of Sparky
Despite their second loss of the year, the Sun Devils are ranked #1 in the ACHA polls for a fifth straight week. Why? A look at the stats tells all.

NHL | Eric Mazzola's Portfolio
Pretty cool minimalist hockey wallpapers.

The Final Howl

The 12 days of the NHL Lockout - Second City Hockey

The hills we choose to die on - Battle of California

How well do you know the NHL lockout? - The Hockey News