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Glendale First! Claims Coyotes Lease Petition Invalid

Glendale First! claims group collecting signatures for referendum on Coyotes lease deal didn't follow the proper procedures and therefore the signatures are invalid.

Christian Petersen

In a press release sent out earlier today, the Glendale First! Political Action Committee makes claim that the Back to Sanity group has already began collecting invalid signatures. The Back to Sanity Politcal Action Committee was established by Francine Romesburg and Ken Jones to oppose the City of Glendale's lease deal with Greg Jamison. The invalidation stems from the absences of both a 100 word description of the petition, as well as a copy of the actual measure they hope to have placed on the next ballot.

From the press release:

The 100 word description must also be printed on the face of the petition in no less than 8 point type for later comparison with the filed description when verifying turned in petition sheets. This description must be on file with the clerk’s office BEFORE any petitions are circulated. - Glendale First!

If Glendale First! is correct, Jones and Romesburg's group will now have to file the proper paperwork and start over with collecting signatures. This major self-inflicted blow to the BTS PAC is reminiscent to Jones' previous attempted referendum petition that failed to meet it's targeted signature number.

The full press release is available here.