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Tuesday's Coyotes Tracks - The Year is Canceled

The NHL has officially axed all regular season games through December 30th, meaning any regular season will begin in 2013. Unfortunately for us. the continuation of the lockout means very little team-specific news from the Coyotes and their affiliates. Our links today include Alexandre Bolduc turning some heads with his play in Portland, an interesting history lesson on NHL labor relations, and a truly sick goal worth watching.

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Coyotes News

Classic Coyotes Tuesday returns Dec. 11 - Fox Sports Arizona
Watch Patrick Roy cry like a baby. You know you want to.

Lockout News

NHL lockout 2012: Games through Dec. 30 officially canceled -
See you next year, NHL.

Why I'm The NHL's Worst Nightmare - The Cannon
Hardcore fans like Matt Wagner at The Cannon are going to pose a real problem for the NHL when play resumes.

NHL Lockout: Remember when the players ruled the roost?: Toronto Star
Interesting look back at NHL labor relations since the early 90's.

Five reasons why there will be an NHL season - USA Today
Despite the new round of cancellations, there's still cause for optimism.

NHL fan boycott: Will you support the Just Drop It initiative’s eye-for-an-eye approach? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
A lot of fans are talking about boycotts of some sort. Whether or not they follow through remains to be seen.

2012 NHL Lockout: The Gary Bettman factor - Blueshirt Banter
It's hard to understate Gary Bettman's role in the lockout.

Pirates News

AHL Notebook: Former Canuck Bolduc turns it on | Hockey | CBC Sports
The Captain of the Pirates has had a very impressive season.

Portland Pirates Today | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
The Pirates will be playing the Bridgeport Sound Tigers tonight.

News From Around the Hockey World

Arizona State hockey tops national rankings - Pros2Preps
The only good sports teams this year appear to be the ones playing at Arizona's colleges.

Wildcats Sweep NAU 8-1, 4-3 | Arizona Wildcat Hockey
While ASU suffered its first loss of the year this weekend, U of A won both of their games.

Russia's Hockey League Glad To Have NHL-Lockout Orphans | St. Louis Public Radio
At least someone is benefiting from the lockout.

Lockout seems to benefit minor hockey leagues but ECHL, AHL officials want NHL back - Toledo Blade
The minor leagues have seen their attendance numbers pick up, though it's hard to determine if that's due to the lockout or just the natural growth of the game.

NHL lockout: Global soccer's transfer system a solution for hockey stability - NHL - Sporting News
Intriguing idea, but one that probably won't gain any traction.

The Final Howl

Brianna Decker goal: Wisconsin hockey captain scores goal of the season, so far -