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Coyotes Deal With Glendale Could Be Signed Soon

On November 5th, Councilwoman Joyce Clark announced that Greg Jamison would be in Phoenix on Wednesday to finish the last of the negotiations with the City of Glendale.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Its been a long time coming but it appears that the adjustments to the Lease Management Agreement may soon be coming to an end. On The Fan 1060 AM with Roc And Manuch, Glendale Councilwoman Joyce Clark said that there were three remaining issues that Greg Jamison and the City need to work out. She expressed optimism, however, that these are resolvable issues, and after that the deal should be ready. If you want further proof that this is going to happen, Greg Jamison himself will be coming to Phoenix on Friday to hopefully sort this all out.

Because of a recent court case the city is going to need to make the lease agreement available one week before it can be voted on, which means that this is probably not going to be voted on until late November, early December. However the fact that Mr. Jamison is coming to Phoenix personally should give people hope that this deal will be resolved.

We are all waiting for this deal to be finished and it looks like the end may finally be in sight, although we have all heard that said before. Until the ink is dry on the lease agreement I encourage everyone to be cautiously optimistic, but I think this deal will actually get done this time.

You can listen to Joyce Clark talk with Roc and Manuch here - scroll down to segment 7.


Today on AM 1060 with Roc and Manuch Joyce Clark stated the voting on the deal would occur November 27. Hopefully the end is in sight.