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Friday's Coyotes Tracks - Scrimmaging At The Ice Den

There were a few reactions to the Coyotes lease agreement deal, apparently Ken Jonmes will be trying another petition drive. In other news, NHL players continue to gather in Arizona to play at the Scottsdale Ice Den. If you have free time today at 10 am go check them out. Finally, NHL labor negotiations with the federal mediators did not go well and no new meetings are schedule.

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Jamie Sabau

Coyotes News

Glendale mayor-elect unhappy with Coyotes lease | ProHockeyTalk
Jerry Weiers doesn't like the lease agreement, but he sounds like he's willing to deal with it.

Jamison and Coyotes Get A New Lease on Life, For Now - The Hockey Writers
Glendale votes in favor of arena lease agreement with Phoenix Coyotes prospective owner Greg Jamison.

From Phoenix to Arizona Coyotes - Rant Sports
Lost and forgotten in the shuffle of the approval of the arena management agreement with prospective Phoenix Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison, is the eventual name change of the Coyotes.

Phoenix Coyotes Lease Agreement Oppoenents To Try Referendum...Again - Five For Howling
It didn't take long for opponents of the lease agreement with Greg Jamison to make good on their threat to gather signatures for a referendum. video: Shane Doan on Glendale's lease agreement
Shane Doan talks about Glendale's lease agreement and offseason workouts.

Lockout News

Smith says losing contract rights makes players "like puppets" | ProHockeyTalk
Smitty thinks that the players need to have their contractual rights. video: Sidney Crosby in Scottsdale
Sidney Crosby talks NHL lockout at Scottsdale Ice Den

Bettman suggests players, owners meet without league or union | ProHockeyTalk
Its worth a shot, not like anything else is working.

Federal mediation over for NHL, NHLPA with no progress on ending lockout | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Will NHL hockey ever return?

Today’s CBA negotiations are over – here’s how things went | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
This was the second day of utilizing a mediator and I guess they've given up.

Columnist: Lockout "could not have come at a better time for Burke" | ProHockeyTalk
If your team sucks why not take the season off?

NHL Labour Wars: Past, Present, and Their Implications - NHL History Girl
A really neat article about the labor history of the NHL.

Pirates News

Surging Portland Pirates at home tonight and Saturday | Portland Daily Sun
The Pirates will be hosting 2 division rivals this weekend.

News From Around the Hockey World

WHL Commissioner: Winterhawks massive punishment reflects "unprecedented number of violations" | ProHockeyTalk
Apparently there was 54 violations with 14 players of the past 5 seasons.

Kings Mourn The Passing Of Longtime PA Announcer David Courtney - Jewels From The Crown
LA Kings PA announcer David Courtney passed away at age 54.

Is the return of the Quebec Nordiques imminent? - Eyes On The Prize
At last, an article about the NHL's return to Quebec City that doesn't include a passing reference to the Coyotes.

With the NHL dying, Arizona State hockey is alive and well - SB Nation Arizona
Brad Denny on why hockey fans in the desert should be tuning in to Sun Devil hockey.

ASU Hockey: Kale Dolinski's Goals & Grit Leading Top Ranked Sun Devils - House of Sparky
Another one of House of Sparky's ASU hockey player profiles.

Watch 10-year-old carnage as Russian youth hockey game gets out of control (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Who says old school hockey is gone forever?

On competitive fire, and when the pilot light goes out | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Justin Bourne writes about when hockey players start to lose their passion to play.

The Final Howl

AZ Sports Talk - Duck Speaker Glendale
The crazy duck guy from Tuesday's meeting got his own song.