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Wednesday's Coyotes Tracks - Stagnation on CBA Front, Lease Agreement Moving Forward

After CBA talks went south over the weekend, NHLPA and the NHL have yet to set a day for talks to continue. Although Don Fehr did mention that both he and Bettman agreed that when a deal is ready to be complete, it will come naturally. Fehr also went on to describe the sky as a blue-ish white. While hockey fans continue to hold their breath hoping for hockey this season, Coyotes fans will be holding theirs until November 27th. Joyce Clark has emailed the Interim City Manager to request that the lease agreement be available for voting on the 27th. The vote is predicted to be 4-3 in favor of the deal.

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Christian Petersen

Coyotes News

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Lockout News

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Gladiators News

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Sundogs News

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News From Around the Hockey World

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