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Saturday's Coyotes Tracks - Confusion at the CBA Meetings

Yesterday's CBA talks ended on a very confusing note, with accusations flying that NHLPA head Donald Fehr had withheld certain details about the NHL's latest CBA offer from the players. In other news, the Portland Pirates came up short Friday Night while ASU and UofA won their games. We also have links to a very similar arena situation playing out in New York and pretty compelling argument for hockey players to never do commercials.

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Thearon W. Henderson

Coyotes News

Who Should The Phoenix Coyotes Target In 2013 NHL Draft - Rant Sports
Jaime thinks it's time for the Coyotes to bolster their offensive depth in the coming draft.

Momentum sucked out of Coyotes' Playoff Thrill | Hockey | Sports | Sault Star
A fairly even-handed article from up North about the most frustrating part of the lockout for Coyotes fans.

Lockout News

Confusion reigns after brief NHL talks on Friday - USA Today
We're used to the emotional roller coaster at this point, but rarely does it all seem to happen in the course of one day.

Report: NHL feels Fehr’s memo didn’t fairly portray their offer to players | ProHockeyTalk
League sources reportedly feel that they're closer to the union's demands on revenue sharing than the NHLPA's boss suggested.

Negotiations unlikely to resume tonight, but Bettman wants to keep talks alive | ProHockeyTalk
The sky is still up there.

Gloves are off in NHL labour talks | Hockey | CBC Sports
Both sides are playing with fire here.

Donald Fehr: Owners still want 50/50 in Year 1, sticking to contract restrictions | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
It remains to be seen whether or not this week's talks will dramatically shorten the duration of the lockout.

Grange on CBA: All talk; No Trust, No progress -
Instead of inching ever closer together, the owners and NHLPA seem to be digging in as the two sides enter Day 56 of the lockout.

Flyers owner Ed Snider 'awfully disappointed' with NHL labour situation - CBC Sports
The feeling is mutual Ed.

Pirates News

Sharks use 3 Third Period Goals to Defeat Pirates - The Official Website of the Portland Pirates
Chris Brown scored the lone goal for the Pirates.

Sundogs News

Sundogs rip Cutthroats, 5-2; go for 3-game sweep tonight - The Prescott Daily Courier - Prescott, Arizona
The Sundogs are hot right now.

News From Around the Hockey World

ASU Hockey Off to Its Best Start In Program History After 6-1 Win Over Colorado - House of Sparky
The Sun Devils are 15-0 on the season after a 6-1 victory over Colorado. That is the best start in program history.

#16 Arizona Defeats #8 Oakland | Arizona Wildcat Hockey
The game got interesting towards the end of the 2nd period, but the Wildcats ultimately prevailed 4-3.

Arizona #16 in Latest Poll | Arizona Wildcat Hockey
U of A isn't that far off the pace ASU is setting in the ACHA.

2012 Hockey Hall of Fame -- Fred Shero, former Flyers and Rangers coach, deserves to be inducted - ESPN
Hard to imagine having only one guy behind the bench, but until Fred Shero came along, that was the norm.

The Islanders' Move: A Harbinger of Suburban Decline? - Arts & Lifestyle - The Atlantic Cities
The Islanders asked Long Island for a more urban stadium. Voters refused, and the rest is history. (Stick tap to Puck Daddy for the link)

The Final Howl

Here’s Milan Lucic in possibly the worst commercial you’ve ever seen (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports