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Things You Won't Hear Phoenix Coyotes Fans Saying

We look at some things you won't hear Phoenix Coyotes fans saying.

Mike Stobe - Getty Images

Some of you may remember the video "Things You Won't Hear During The NHL Lockout" from over two weeks ago. Some of you may remember the videos that started that trend, although in internet time I think they're older then me now. This video got the Five For Howling crew thinking, hey what are some thing things that you won't hear Phoenix Coyotes fans saying. But since none of us are photogenic and we lack access to video cameras we decided its best in written form.


*(Prize not guaranteed to be special.)

  1. "The drinks at McFaddens are really reasonably priced."
  2. "Maybe Jones was right about the water bills."
  3. "You know who the Coyotes should try to trade for? Kyle Turris."
  4. "The Coyotes should get Gretzky to come back and coach."
  5. "Shane Doan should have signed with Vancouver."
  6. "You know what would be great? If we could go another year with the NHL owning the team."
  7. "People in Winnipeg and Quebec City are so supportive of us keeping our team."
  8. "Dave Shoalts is a great read"
  9. "We take way too many shots on the Power Play"
  10. "I'm going to miss the kid casters"
  11. "Yandle really should be a Bruin"
  12. "Tyson Nash's fashion sense is impeccable"
  13. "The White-Out suuuuuuuuuuucks."
  14. "Mike Sunnucks has reliable sources."
  15. "The work George Fallar has done has had no impact on anything."
Again post your own thing you won't hear Coyotes fans saying in the comment section below.