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Coyotes Tracks - October 15, 2012 - The Unforgiven IV

Much like Metallica's last couple of albums, Bettman and Fehr will continue to swing and miss when it comes to something fans want to hear. Playing the waiting game with each other, the upcoming season continues to slip away as the two waits to see who will blink first. The two groups are set to meet again on Tuesday as details of what will be discussed are yet to be determined. Moving away from the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie of hockey, USA Hockey will be having their Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Dallas later tonight. Those who are being welcomed into the Hall of Fame include former Stars' captain, Mike Modano, Devils' Lou Lamoriello and former Jet, Eddie Olczyk. More on the ceremony below.

Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Coyotes News

Poetically Pleading for an Agreement - Five For Howling
Matt sums up the fan's feelings.

Lockout News

NHL Lockout: Let's not cut the cap - Mark Madden
Interesting article about the possible removal of the cap.

NHL lockout: Sides to meet Tuesday, decide specifics Monday - NHL - Sporting News
A wise man once said, 'You gotta keep on keepin' on', NHL and NHLPA will continue talks on Tuesday.

Around the Hockey World

NHL lockout hurts fans, local area businesses |
Hockey fans aren't the only ones hurting from the lockout.

No NHL lockout talk: Mike Modano to be inducted into US Hockey Hall of Fame in Dallas on Monday - The Big Mac Blog
Former first round draft pick, Mike Modano is set to enter the US Hockey Hall of Fame.

Olczyk finds second career in broadcast booth - - U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame
Former Winnipeg Jet, Eddie Olczyk found his second calling behind the booth.

That Caps tweet about 85% off merchandise seems to be going well (not really) | BrooksLaichyear
The Caps trying to capitalize during the lockout.

Fallen Kings scouts Ace Bailey, Mark Bavis, still get their day with the Stanley Cup (PHOTO) - Puck Daddy
Classy gesture by the Kings.

Welcome to Geeky Jerseys
(s/t to Cellblock303)

The Final Howl

Lyndsey Fry of Chandler Makes Four Nations Team For USA - Howlin' Hockey
The Harvard student-athlete will be competing at the Four Nation's Cup next month.