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Poetically Pleading for an Agreement

The NHL and the PA have seemingly ignored plenty of letters, tweets, Facebook messages, and fan videos... But lets class these petitions up a bit with a little poetry

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Today was to be my Christmas,

But now it is my Hell.

Hockey brings me happiness,

Please come back NHL

Thirty teams meant to start their quest.

And tonight I was to sit and cheer.

The chance is gone, makes me depressed

With no end in sight, I fear.

No Sid, OV, or Bissonette

These players’ seasons surely blown

Putting teams in deeper debt

With no sense of urgency being shown

The farewell tour of the Finnish Flash

Skating with such finesse

Might not happen due to a childish clash


To know I may not see

Some magical Datsyukian plays

Brings about such negativity

In many different, evil ways

I’d like to see an encore show,

By the LA Kings

Whether the Yotes stay or go,

And what happens with the Wings

So get your bullshit figured out

I need this sport, I need it now.

A yearlong hockey drought

Is something a can’t allow

I know I’m not alone

In this plea to play some puck

But throw us fans a friggin bone,

Or clearly you don’t give a.....