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Coyotes Tracks - October 12, 2012 - Gotta Get Down On Friday

The lockout continues and both sides continue to do nothing. Many hockey sites are turning to humor, although there was one serious story about the a King's blogger leaving because of pressures from the league. The Coyotes' AHL affiliate named their leaders for the coming season. The names should be familiar to Coyotes fans.

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Coyotes News

Throwback Thursday: Lame Ducks - Five For Howling
Winnipeg fans deal with not only the leaving of their team but the trade of their favorite player.

Pirates News

Pirates Cove - Pirates Name 15th Captain in 20 years
The Pirates named their captains for the 2012-13 season.

Pirates Announce 2012-2013 Captains - The Official Facebook Page of the Portland Pirates
Alexandre Bolduc will don the "C" this season, with some other NHL veterans taking assistant roles.

Pirates reflect Phoenix philosophy - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
Extensive quotes from GMDM and Pirates coach Ray Edwards in Paul Betit's article.

News From Around the Hockey World

What on God’s Green Earth Did David Booth Just Kill? | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Seriously what is that?

Hockey Players with Pets is a great website because both hockey players and pets are cool | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
If you like hockey players with animals Justin Bourne has the site/twitter account for you.

Wild owner Craig Leipold on ‘bodacious idea’ of Suter, Parise; Nashville as hockey town | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
The Minnesota Wild owner really wanted to make a big splash and they did. He also seems like kinda a jerk considering his burn on Nashville.

Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien to lead youth hockey team - ESPN Boston
Now this is cool.

NHL - Why aren't the owners standing up for the fans of their teams? - ESPN
If the owners really do love their fans, as they say when soliciting season ticket money, then, Scott Burnside asks, why are they strangely silent when they're needed most?

Kings Reporter Hammond Told To Stop Interviewing Players During The Lockout - Jewels From The Crown
One of the best reporters in the Pacific Division becomes a lockout casualty.

Who are the players negotiating for? - The Copper & Blue
One of the columnists at Copper and Blue wonders what the players are thinking.

The Final Howl

363: The Road to the Southie 3-on-3 - YouTube
Check it out for Yandle's cameo alone.