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Happy Birthday Shane Doan

Today we celebrate Coyotes Captain Shane Doan's birthday.

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Ethan Miller - Getty Images

A while ago we here at Five For Howling celebrated Doan Day. We did that because the preseason was supposed to begin in 19 days, and 19 is Shane Doan's number. A number of things have changed since then, Doan resigned with the Coyotes, the preseason got canceled, and now the regular season is in jeopardy. But, one thing hasn't changed, Coyotes fans still love Captain Coyote.

Today is Shane Doan's birthday. 36 years ago today the man who would lead the Phoenix Coyotes to win the Pacific Division and go all the way to the Western Conference Finals was born the village of Halkirk, Alberta, Canada, a village known for being the birthplace of Shane Doan. (Seriously that's the only interesting fact on Wikipedia about it it.)

We've gone over Doan's history with the Coyotes and the Winnipeg Jets before so it isn't necessary to rehash it hear but Coyotes fans everywhere will always owe a debt to the Winnipeg Jets for drafting the most honorable man in sports, the man who likely turned down extremely lucrative contracts as a free agent these past few months to be in the city he loves with the team he loves.

To celebrate Captain Coyotes birthday I think its best to try to emulate the man who continues to be an inspiration on and off the ice. We all know how the captain is, respectful and a good sport off the ice, while being tough and a leader who is always sticking up for his friends and teammates on the ice. Today try to bring that into your own life, be nice to people, work hard and finish that thing you've been putting off doing, put your family first, or just stop and think what would Captain Coyote do if he was in this situation. And, of course, feel free to post your own birthday wishes for Shane Doan in the comment section below.