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Shane Doan Gets First Career NHL Hat Trick With 0.1 Seconds Left

It's the moment Phoenix Coyotes fans have been waiting for since Shane Doan's first 2 goal game way back in who knows, 1997? 98? With just .1 second left on the clock and staring his 39th 2 goal game in the face the Coyote Captain ripped one last shot on net and Evgeni Nabokov just couldn't save it. call it karma, call it luck, call it whatever you want, but Doan put that extra drama into one of the best moments in team history as the hats rained down. Toronto had to make it official as it was close, but the call on the ice stood and one of the best guys in all of hockey finally got his hat trick after scoring 305 previous goals. (Now 308?)

While the third goal was certainly the most important for Doan, his previous two in the game really got the Coyotes going. He started the scoring in the game with a knee drop shot from the left side cleaning up a rebound and sent it high over the out stretched arm of Nabokov. The second was almost as pretty as Doan broke out on a turnover and sent it five hole to make it 2-1 in the second period. Check back in a few for the video highlights of them, but use this thread to profess your love for Shane Doan.

Video after the jump...