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Coyotes Tracks - September 15, 2011 - Rookie Victory

Brett Hextall. Photo by Yotesgurl
Brett Hextall. Photo by Yotesgurl

The Coyotes rookies rallied late in the third period to beat the Kings rookies.  Brett Hextall scored two goals in the third period to put the Coyotes on top, and Andy Miele is definitely making a case to be playing in Glendale come October.

Coyotes News

Coyotes Rookies Rally to Beat Kings Rookies - Phoenix Coyotes - Features
The Desert Dogs took round 1 against the Kings.

Is Kyle Turris For Real? - The Province Blogs
Kurtenblog doesn't get why Turris thinks he's worth big money.

09/14/2011 Gormley Seeks Roster Spot Video - NHL VideoCenter - Phoenix Coyotes
The Coyotes prospect talks about trying to make the big club.

NHL’s Coyotes Take Training Camp to Prescott Valley
Coyotes will make a three-day trip to the area and practice on the mornings of October 3rd and 4th as part of their preparation for the upcoming season.

News From Around the Hockey World

NHL to implement social media policy - CBC
The league wants to bar players from using social media during team functions similar to rules other leagues already have in place.

Tyler Myers inks 7-year deal; big changes for Sabres in 2012? - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Myers gets his cash just like it seems every other Sabre did this offseason.

HBO arrives to start work on "24/7" with Rangers - New York Daily News
Season #2 will be on your your small screen soon.

Why Brad Marchand’s 2-year deal with Bruins is a win/win - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
The Bruins sign their young forward/playoff star.

This is the John Tavares Contract Extension You Were Looking For - Lighthouse Hockey
The Isles appear to have locked up Taveres through 2017-18.

Tacoma: Council to discuss revamping Tacoma Dome to potentially draw NBA, NHL teams | Political Buzz
Tacoma looking at trying to keep up with rival Seattle? (s/t to Cassie from Raw Charge)

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