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An Open Letter to Kyle Turris and His Agent Kurt Overhardt

Kyle Turris scoring 1 of his 19 career goals. In 131 Career games. You do the math since he and his agent can't seem to.
Kyle Turris scoring 1 of his 19 career goals. In 131 Career games. You do the math since he and his agent can't seem to.

Dear Mr. Turris,

It has come to our attention that rather than report to camp you reportedly want to sit at home until someone hands you a fat paycheck with a nice raise. While I can somewhat understand your desire to buy a fancy car or maybe a better apartment, this is really freaking stupid. Look, I get that the other guys that were drafted ahead of you are getting paid and quite well. Patrick Kane got a deal worth 6.3 million a year over the next 5 years. James Van Reimsdyk got an extension for 4.25 million because he's done well for the Flyers, and also the Flyers' management is certifiably insane. But see, they've done things you just haven't yet. For example, Patrick Kane has played 3 full NHL seasons and was a big part of the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup. In just this last season JVR scored more goals than you have in your NHL career. (21) 

Here, let me list your accomplishments: Played fourth line center with scoring threat Paul Bissonnette on wing; Didn't pout too much when he was a healthy scratch when the Coyotes visited Vancouver in your first season; Worked out enough to get your legs just above "chicken" status; flashed enough potential to look really good at times; bled potential all over the ice. 

No that's kind of sarcastic. You really are starting to put your game together. There was an important word in that sentence though, Starting. You're not there yet. Hell if reports are to believed and you're asking for 4 million a year on a 3 year deal or 3 per on a 2 year deal then you'd be making more than Martin Hanzal who's certainly above you on the depth chart. You'd be making as much or more than Radim Vrbata and Ray Whitney both of whom are more important right now than you are. How about you start evaluating yourself against people that have done similar things to you? If you do you'll be raking in Lee Stempniak money AT BEST. 

Also, Mr. Overhardt? What the hell are you thinking? I know you want to get the best deal for your client, but come on man. 4 million a year for .25 points per game? Prove that the potential is more than just hype first and your client will get paid and paid well. The Coyotes have no center depth. They want him to do well. They want Kyle to earn a big pay day. EARN a big payday. If you think Don Maloney is just handing out extensions like candy for whatever asking price you have seriously misjudged your man. Unlike Paul Holmgren, he's not crazy. 

You do what you want Kyle, you're a big boy, well, kinda. You're still pretty skinny. If I were you I'd get some deal done and get yourself to camp ASAP. Don't be Blake Wheeler. No one likes that guy. NO ONE.