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Coyotes Tracks - August 3, 2011 - Nashville Drama

No news on the Desert Dogs contract front on Tuesday.  The big contract news of the day was Shea Weber's arbitration hearing.

Coyotes News

Let’s Assign Playing Time Based On A Race! - The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes
Yotesgurl with what OEL is up to in his home country.

The Yotes Diva: Ahhhh... the off season...
Heather is not feeling warm and fuzzy about things on the ownership front.

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News From Around the Hockey World

Why didn't the Nashville Predators and Shea Weber get a deal done? - On the Forecheck
Dirk from OTF asks why the sides couldn't have at least arbitration with a one year deal.

Predators in trouble with Weber? - Elliotte Friedman
Friedman with thoughts on what the situation means for the Preds with Weber and down the road.

What you should keep in mind regarding the Preds "offer"… - Section 303
Jeremy Gover tells Preds fan to chill out.

Blake Comeau Agrees to 1-Year Deal with Islanders, Avoids Arbitration - Lighthouse Hockey
Blake Comeau agrees to a deal before his arb hearing.

Better Know a Bias: The Endowment Effect - The LeafsNation
Danny Gray examines why people overvalue what they own.'s 2011 30-in-30 Calendar Index - - 30 in 30
Check out when each team's capsule will be posted. Phoenix is scheduled to be up on 8/22.

Jersey Chat? No, No, Not A Jersey Shore Thread - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Let's say the jersey selections are "interesting".

The Final Howl

Down Goes Brown: Other NHL team grievances

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