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Coyotes Tracks - August 28, 2011 - Weekend tracks

Five for Howling is keeping you up to date over the weekend...

Coyotes News

08/26/2011 Don Maloney Interview Video - NHL VideoCenter - Phoenix Coyotes
GMDM still in search of a center.

Could Shane Doan be a trade deadline target if the Coyotes falter? - ProHockeyTalk
It's August and people need something to write about. We'll leave it at that.

The Dog Ate My Homework!?! Andy, There Isn’t Homework Anymore…… - Yotesgurl Presents…..
Yotesgurl's latest prospect profile is on this year's Hobey Baker winner.


News From Around the Hockey World

RFA Watch: Six high-profile restricted free agents are still waiting for deals | ProHockeyTalk
There are six high-profile restricted free agents left to be signed. What's their progress in re-signing with their teams? We take a quick look. - Frozen Fenway 2012
More outdoor hockey at Fenway Park.

2010-11 NHL Marginal Cap Efficiency - The Copper & Blue
Marginal Cap Efficiency is one measure of NHL General Managers' effectiveness. Who was the best and worst in 2010-11?

NHL leads the four major sports in championship parity during the last 12 seasons | ProHockeyTalk
In a 12-season span, the NHL topped the four major sports when it comes to parity in its championship rounds. PHT takes a look at those numbers and also compares other eras to see how much parity has increased in the NHL.


The Final Howl

What Some Notable Free Agents Are Doing RIGHT NOW | Houses of the Hockey | Blogs |

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