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Coyotes Tracks - August 13, 2011 - Groundhog Day

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The Phoenix Coyotes were once again the talk of the hockey world on Friday.  And once again it involved ownership rumors.  I can't think of anyone who isn't sick of all of this and I'm not just talking about Coyotes fans.

Coyotes News

Escaping the Phoenix Coyotes: New owners and the out clause - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Wyshynski with a summary and a look a look ahead.

Glendale mayor updates residents on hot topics - The Arizona Republic
Mayor Scruggs' comments intimate offers for Yotes are forthcoming.

Are we there yet? - August - Hipchecks
Jenna weighs on ownership and her plans for the upcoming season.

Report: New Coyotes ownership candidate could want an 'out clause' - The Globe and Mail
Mirtle with the Canadian angle.

Phoenix Coyotes hire Minneapolis ad agency Fallon - Phoenix Business Journal
Hopefully this year's ad campaign will be more successful than last year's "Don't Blink".

5 European prospects ready for the NHL - ProHockeyTalk
OEL checks in at #3.

Six teams who made the wrong moves in net during this off-season - ProHockeyTalk
Can't dispute Smith is a downgrade, but paying Bryz 7+ mil wouldn't have been smart either.

ASK! - Q&A with Raffi Torres - Phoenix Coyotes - Fan Zone
The transcript of Torres' online chat from Friday.

News From Around The Hockey World

Attack of the Pacific Division Zombies - Anaheim Calling
Our friends over at AC with an excellent takedown.

An early peek: The top 2012 unrestricted free agents -
No surprise that Shane Doan is on the list.


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