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Coyotes Tracks - July 31, 2011 - Weekend Tracks

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Nothing in the way of Coyotes news this weekend, so lets get to the news from around the league, shall we?

News From Around the Hockey World

The NHL Network’s offseason programming: What’s your solution? | ProHockeyTalk
Pro HockeyTalk discusses an issue brought up by Jeremy Glover over at the Preds blog 303 last week. FFH gets a mention in one of the blurbs from Glover's piece.

Referendum on potential new home for Islanders approaches - 2011 Offseason News
Nassau County residents will vote tomorrow in a special election on a $400 million referendum that would lead to construction of a new Islanders arena.

Tom Gaglardi submits bid to NHL to purchase Dallas Stars | ProHockeyTalk
Vancouver businessman Tom Gaglardi takes the next step towards purchasing the Dallas Stars by submitting his bid to the NHL. By no means is it a done deal, but its a necessary step in the right direction. Now about finding an owner for the Coyotes...

The Final Howl

How many days until hockey?
I found everyone a new homepage...

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