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Coyotes Tracks - July 15, 2011 - Portland Road Show

The Coyotes brass got the red carpet treatment yesterday in Portland, Maine.  If it isn't obvious already, you can expect more media coverage of the Pirates than there was of the Rampage.

The Coyotes announced on Thursday they would be holding an open house on Thursday July 28th and that 12 game plan sales would begin on July 21st.

Pirates News

Coyotes brass leave a positive impression | Maine Hockey Journal
Chris Roy's take on the Coyotes front office visit.

Phoenix Coyotes brass meet with Pirates fans and media |
The NBC affiliate in Portland's coverage of the Coyotes welcome wagon.

Portland Pirates Press Conference - AHL
GMDM gets the key to the city,


Coyotes News

Coyotes, Islanders are NHL’s biggest disappointments | The Business Journals
We're #1! We're #1!

Twitter 100: Chad Ochocinco, Dana White, more top tweeters - More Sports -
Biz makes another social media list.

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News From Around the Hockey World

Breaking New York Rangers News: Brian Boyle Extended Three Years - Blueshirt Banter
The first of the Rangers three big RFA's signs on the dotted line.

Capitals Prospect Danick Paquette Might Want To Retake PR Training - From Our Editors -
Comparing yourself to Matt Cooke probably isn't a good career move, especially if you are playing for a team in the East.


The Final Howl

Bourne Blog: How do you doll up your hockey twig? - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
TimmyHate already sent his responses on Twitter yesterday.


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