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Coyotes Tracks - July 13, 2011 - Anderson Hired, Edwards Staying

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The Phoenix Coyotes officially hired John Anderson as an assistant coach on Tuesday.  No, not the guy who ran for President.  They hired the John Anderson who played for the Leafs and Whalers among other teams before moving on to be a minor league and NHL coach.  Also, late Tuesday night the Maine Hockey Jornal reported Portland Pirates head coach Ray Edwards is staying put.  Edwards interviewed with the Winnipeg jets for an assistant coaching vacany they have.

A reminder that Coyotes prospect and Hobey Baker Award winner Andy Miele is up for an ESPY award this evening.

Coyotes News

Coyotes Name Anderson Assistant Coach - Phoenix Coyotes - News
The Coyotes press release on the hiring.

Anderson Embraces Reunion with Tippett - Phoenix Coyotes - Features
Dave Vest on the former Whalers teaming back up.

John Anderson audio interview - Interviews 07/12/2011
Dave Vest interviews new assistant coach John Anderson.

Phoenix Suns And Coyotes Add Assistant Coaches To Bolster Defense / Offense - SB Nation Arizona
Too bad each coach doesn't exactly have all-star caliber talent to work with.

Edwards declines Winnipeg job; staying with Portland | Maine Hockey Journal
Edwards is staying with the Coyotes organization.

More links after the jump...

Sean Burke thinks Mike Smith is perfect fit for Phoenix - 2011 Offseason News
You were expecting him to say it was a terrible signing, right?

New coyote draft picks Murphy, Gormley | Phoenix
Gormley technically isn't "new", but we'll let that slide.

Employment Opportunities - Phoenix Coyotes - Team
The Coyotes are hiring.

News From Around the Hockey World

Dallas Stars Sign Right Wing Eric Godard to Two-Year Contract - Defending Big D
BizNasty just got a new dance partner.

Ducks acquire Cogliano from Oilers - 2011 Offseason News
Ducks trade a 2nd round pick in 2013 for the Oilers former 1st round pick.

Hockey player pleads guilty to hitting cab driver in Scottsdale
Pro sports and Scottsdale never seem to be a good mix.

Pens Re-Sign Dustin Jeffrey to two year contract - PensBurgh
Yesterday likely beat the day when he was sent down to WBS in front of the HBO cameras.

Bourne Blog: Inside the mind of the hockey free-agent straggler - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Justin Bourne with on the stress mediocre FA's at the pro level go through.

A Lifelong Math Hater's Surprising Love Affair With Advanced Stats - Matchsticks and Gasoline
"Nerds aren't ruining hockey; those who refuse to acknowledge the merits of alternative ways of viewing and analyzing the game are."

Red Wings were finalist for Tomas Vokoun; so what happened? - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
If you had to choose between Jimmy Howard and Tomas Vokoun who would you choose?


The Final Howl

Down Goes Brown: The biggest free agent signings of 2011


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