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Coyotes Sign Raffi Torres to 2 Year 3.5 Million Dollar Deal

Well if the younger Coyotes on the team needed any more protection, the Coyotes went out and got it for them. GM Don Maloney has signed former Vancouver Canucks left wing Raffi Torres. The deal will pay him 1.75 million dollars a year for his average of about 30 points when he gets a full season in. More importantly he's a gritty tough player that can protect some of our younger players. Sure we already have Paul Bissonnette, but as we've seen, Dave Tippett doesn't like to give him all that many minutes when he can even get in the lineup. He wasn't a bad player for Vancouver after some really poor time in Buffalo. While there are certainly are some fans not thrilled with the signing he can eat up 10-12 minutes a game on the 3rd or 4th line and isn't there just for his toughness which is a plus. Love goons or hate goons, he's our goon for the next two years.