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What the Coyotes REALLY Need in Free Agency - Goaltending

I will headbang the puck so hard... after I superkick it.
I will headbang the puck so hard... after I superkick it.

We can talk about the Coyotes' need on the forward lines and on the blue line all day and night, but we all know where the Coyotes really need some help. On the goal line. With the departure of Ilya Bryzgalov to the Philadelphia Flyers the Coyotes' depth chart at goalie is, well, weak to say the least. Want to see how weak? Here are the top goalies in the Coyotes system that doesn't include those playing in juniors again (So not Louis Domingue or Mark Visentin)

1. Jason LaBarbera
2. Jason LaBarbera
3. Jason LaBarbera.

HE'S THE ONLY ONE SIGNED ANYWHERE AT ALL! Look, I like Jason LaBarbera as much, if not more than the next guy. He's pretty metal, he's crushes the Capitals (at beer pong) everytime they meet, he has great masks and is a great guy. As a backup I love him. As a 60 game starter? Kill me now. Not that I need to worry since Don Maloney said that he won't be the #1 goalie for the team, they'll find someone. Hey, at least we'll finally be able to tell if it's the goalie that makes Tippett's system look good or the other way around. Does Brian Burke have anyone he can waive from the Maple Leafs? No? Crap. Well, let's see the short list of who's available after the jump.

Who's Available:

Jean-Sebastien Giguere: At 34 he's not going to get a huge deal, and he was pretty much snubbed in Toronto last year in favor of James Reimer. And got the same treatment in Anaheim thanks to Jonas Hiller before that. He made a ton of money at 7 million dollars. No one will offer him anything close to that this time around. If he's healthy he might be someone GMDM kicks the tires on in Tippett's defensive system. Especially if J.S. can get some fire and thinks he has something to prove.

Tomas Vokoun: The big goose of this free agent class, everyone is going to be trying to sign him and his price is going to be pretty high. Not Bryzgalov high, but for a short deal on the 35 year old it could be 6 million easy. The Coyotes have money to spare to reach the floor at the moment, and if the term is right they could be competitive. It just depends on who's in the running.

Mike Smith: The backup on a good team in Tampa he hasn't been re-signed as of yet, though Dwayne Roloson has. Is he ready to be a starter in the league? I'm not so sure.

Marty Turco: No. Nonono. No. Nuh uh. No. Please for the love of god no. Did you see me say no? Good. I just wanted to make sure. No. You know what? I'm not even making him an option to vote for. How do you like that?

Josh Harding: He's had a rough go of it in Minnesota. He had several injuries, then got stuck playing behind Niklas Backstrom and Jose Theodore once he came back. He missed all of last season after getting knee surgery, but if he's actually 100% or close to it he could be a guy ready to start. I hope they sign a 3rd goalie though, you know, just in case.

Peter Budaj: Did you see him play for the Colorado Avalanche? No? You're lucky. Not that it was all his fault last season as the Avs were, well, not so good. He just doesn't seem to have the ability to step up his game to the level that a starter here would need.

Any other ideas? I certainly don't have any.