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Coyotes Tracks - June 4, 2011 - Biz speaks

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Paul Bissonnette chatted with fans yesterday, but kept the conversation relatively mild. Quick tracks today. Tonight at 5 the Bruins try to even up the series in Vancouver against the Canucks.

Coyotes News

ASK! - Q&A with Paul Bissonnette - Phoenix Coyotes - Fan Zone
Here is the transcript from the chat.

Glendale economic report about Phoenix Coyotes kept private
No surprise that COG would want to keep it private until ownership is settled.

Scottsdale's Ice Den adding third rink
Perhaps this whole "Hockey in the Desert" thing is catching on...

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News From Around the Hockey World

Bitter Leaf Fan Page: I Hate Your Team*Bitter Leaf Fan - A Toronto Maple Leafs Blog
More than just Leafs fans can agree on this one.

The Final Howl

Hockey Robot Has a 110 MPH Slapshot - Alex Knapp - Robot Overlords - Forbes
Our kind of R&D.

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