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Coyotes Release Statement on Ongoing Ownership Mess - I Rage

Statement from the Coyotes per PR guy Rich Nairn:

"The City of Glendale and the National Hockey League continue to negotiate with other interested parties to secure new ownership for the Phoenix Coyotes. The objective continues to be to transition ownership of the Club to an interested purchaser in the coming months."

Now, I'm not sure what it was about this statement that made me completely angry this morning, but that's what it did. Maybe it was the fact that it was two sentences long to a fanbase that quite frankly deserves some damn answers. I know it's not the teams' fault, or Rich's fault. I mean how many of these stupid releases have they had to write over the last two and a half years? Way to damn many. So while I'm not angry at the team per se. This ongoing pile of crap we as fans have to put up with has about reached it's breaking point. 

***More after the jump, including swear words. So don't click if you have virginal eyes.***

Really where my anger is directed is at those really fucking stupid people over at the City of Glendale. Sure. I applaud them for doing "everything" to keep the team. Like paying 25 million and putting themselves on the hook for 25 more and then driving two potential (If not more) ownership groups out because they couldn't come to terms on the final deal. We all know where this is going. Or at least seems to. As the city negotiates with "other buyers" aka Jerry Reinsdorf again and his pal Ed Beasley as City Manager.  That's great. Super. We'll have ownership, maybe, kinda, someday. I guess my question is, if it's him WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T THIS HAPPEN TWO GODDAMN YEARS AGO?! 

I mean really, in order to serve in city government is there an IQ test that has to be taken and if you get over an 80 or so they tell you to get a real job? Because this whole mess is starting to look a lot less like a business deal and a lot more like a terrible episode of Let's Make a Deal. Actually, no. That's too good of a game show. It's more like Wheel of Fish in that everything fuckin' stinks and in the end if the City doesn't take the Red Snapper they'll get nothing. YOU SO STUPID!!!

I mean I suppose I get wanting the best deal, but at some point the deal you have has to be the best one you're getting right? Not only that but what exactly is it the city and the league and who ever the hell else is involved in this deal expects to get at the end? Sure a hockey team, but one with absolutely no fans left. Sure. We all love Shane Doan, but at some point you stop showing up on line for your daily kick in the nuts. And then you stop going to games because while the hockey is fun all anyone wants to talk about is the ownership bullshit. Then you just get pissed off at hockey in general to the point where it's no longer a fun diversion but just a ritual beating that you stop taking at some point. By the time this thing gets settled the fanbase that was already small is going to be miniscule. And I don't blame fans one bit for bolting. Sport is supposed to be fun, a hobby, not some massive headache. 

So City of Glendale take your sweet time finding yet another buyer to screw over. In the mean time I'm sure more and more people will find something else to do with their time than put up with your incompetence.