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Coyotes Tracks - June 28, 2011 - Matt is out

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Looks like potential owner Matt Hulsizer has pulled his offer to buy the Phoenix Coyotes... It has all Coyotes fans asking, "When will this madness be over!?"


Coyotes News

Matthew Hulsizer pulls bid to buy Phoenix Coyotes
The Republic's Lisa Halverstadt on the latest ownership news.

If Hulsizer’s out, what are Phoenix Coyotes’ ownership options? - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Wyshynski with his take on the various news stories.

Potential Draft Target, Kale Kessy - The Copper & Blue
Five minutes with Coyotes draft pick from Medicine Hat Tigers', Kale Kessy.

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 Pirates News

Coyotes Announce Affiliation Agreement with Portland of the American Hockey League - Phoenix Coyotes - News
The Yotes prospects are going to get used to a lot of bus rides.


News From Around the Hockey World

NHL Network has you covered with HHOF announcement, free agency - NHL Network
You can watch to not hear the names Burns and Oates again.

Objective NHL: How often does the Best Team Win?
The short answer is not the majority of the time.

Illegal Curve Hockey " Blog Archive " Winnipeg Jets RFA Analysis: What is Blake Wheeler worth?
I'm guessing Coyotes fans have a different answer.


The Final Howl

None today...


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