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Coyotes Tracks - June 26, 2011 - Post-Draft Hangover

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Well as everyone guessed Ryan Nugent-Hopkins went first overall to the Edmonton Oilers, wonder if he's any relation to this Nugent? As for the Coyotes #1 pick we went with 18yr old defenceman Connor Murphy, and apparently Biz has already put him under his wing...

Coyotes News

Coyotes Select Connor Murphy 20th Overall in 2011 NHL Entry Draft - Phoenix Coyotes - 2011 Draft Central
The Phoenix Coyotes selected defenseman Connor Murphy at No. 20 overall in the NHL draft. With Video interview.

Phoenix Coyotes pick Connor Murphy in NHL draft
Jim Gintonio's report on Connor Murphy.

Murphy believes back problem is a thing of the past - Phoenix Coyotes - 2011 Draft Central
An early season back injury delayed his season, but Connor Murphy believed he should be a high pick at the 2011 Entry Draft.

Coyotes Select Seven Players on Second Day of 2011 NHL Draft - Phoenix Coyotes - 2011 Draft Central
A breakdown of the six forwards and one defenseman that were chosen on Saturday. (With many Video links)

Coyotes Draft Scottsdale's Zac Larraza - Phoenix Coyotes - 2011 Draft Central
The Coyotes selected Larraza, a Scottsdale native who learned how to play hockey inside the rinks around the Valley, with the 196th pick.

Zac Larraza Feature and Interview Video - NHL VideoCenter - Phoenix Coyotes
Great Video piece on Zac Larraza Arizona native. blogs - Ice Chips - JimGintonio - Coyotes scout not involved in decision to draft son
Coyotes head European scout Christian Ruuttu adopted a hands-off policy regarding his son’s hockey future even before it became apparent that he would be a late first- or early...

As the Goalies Turn (Part II) - The| June
Hip-checks Jenna's take on the Flyers signing Bryzgalov to a ridiculous contract and losing two great players in the process.

Five Most Important Games on the 2011-12 Schedule for the Coyotes - Howlin' Hockey
Howlin' Hockey takes a look at the Coyotes 2011-12 Schedule.

More links after the jump...

Rampage News

Rampage facing affiliation change? - San Antonio Express-News
Are the Rampage facing an affiliation change? We'll find out in...

Pirates News

Maine Sports
The Portland Pirates are set to announce their new affiliation with the Phoenix Coyotes.

News From Around the Hockey World

Report: Major realignment coming to NHL next season | ProHockeyTalk
A report out today says that major realignment of the divisions is coming next season.

The Final Howl

NHL realignment plan: Improving or meddling with playoffs? - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Puck Daddys take on the realignment rumors.

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