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Coyotes NHL Draft Open Thread

With much of the Staff at work as the draft begins we'll slowly trickle back in or make momentary appearances. Discuss the draft here and read up on prospects, and other teams' needs at the following links. 

We'll get the news up on who the Coyotes select with the 20th pick, or who they trade that pick to to get a real goalie, or what pick(s) they traded to move up/down as soon as we possibly can with new stories on the front page, but go ahead and use this place to discuss them in the meantime. 

Here's some links to places from around the network that did some great work leading up to the draft. Check out some of their great work as the annoying Versus crew drones on. I hope Pierre McGuire has laryngitis or something for all our sake. 


2011 NHL Draft - Hockey Wilderness
HW's 2011 NHL Draft Primer, lots of links to prospect profiles and the like.

2011 NHL Draft Primer - The Copper & Blue

A one-stop shop for all of your NHL draft information and statistical analysis. With a lot of links to mock drafts.

Draft Prospect Profiles - The Cannon - For Columbus Blue Jackets Fans

The guys over at the Cannon did a ton of prospect profiles. 44 of them this year. Lots to look at in the archives for the last month or two.