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Report: Winnipeg Team to be named Jets - Blogger Cares Less

Reports out of Canada have True North Sports Entertainment finally settling on a team name for what was once the Thrashers. In a move that was obvious to make  to pretty much everyone, except apparently TNSE, the new franchise will have the old name, the Winnipeg Jets. Now, the franchises keep the records of their club, not the city, so technically the records held by Teemu Selanne, Dale Hawerchuk and other assorted players will remain with the Coyotes as well as the retired numbers, banners, and the portrait of the queen the Coyotes staff keeps in the break room (That might not be true) 

While it makes for some complicated record keeping for those that might not understand that franchises moved, it's really not that big of a deal. At least not to me. I really don't care if we hand over all but the records since we kind of need some of those. They can have the Hawerchuk banner if they want it. He never wore a Coyotes jersey, and many fans here wouldn't know who he was. They can have the Thomas Steen one too. They can have the Jets sweaters in the concourse that document the team's move from Winnipeg to Phoenix in 1996. They can have the team name, they Coyotes have never used it other that to reference their past. It doesn't hold any real meaning to me personally other than the fact that the Coyotes used to be them 15 years ago. 

About the only thing you can't have is Shane Doan. He's the only link to the Winnipeg past that Coyotes fans still care about. The last 1st round pick made by the old version of the Jets and Current (and forever) Coyotes' captain. He's really the only reason we really care about the history at all anymore after the constant berating from some of Winnipeg's finer (or whatever the opposite of that is) trolls. 

So use the name, use the history, site the former team records all you want. I quite simply just don't care. I'm focused on one thing and really only one thing. Phoenix still has a hockey team. We're lucky to have it. Even in it's beaten up, still waiting for the City of Glendale to stop jerking us around and get an owner form. (BTW, get the deal done with Matt. He's the type of guy we need as an owner.) That's really the only thing Winnipeg fans should care about too. I get the sense that's that's mostly true. Sure, there are a few holdouts still angry that they didn't get "Their" team back. Just be thankful you have NHL hockey and support your team, who cares where it came from. Is it the NHL? Yes. Are they playing in your city? Yes. Is this just a preseason tease again? No, they actually have your city's name on them this time for 41 home games (at least) a season. So enjoy your hockey team today. As Coyote fans, Thrasher fans, and yes Jets fans know all to well, it can be gone before you know it. So who cares about the details like record books, naming rights, sweaters and a few retired numbers? Go. Enjoy the best sport in the world. We'll do the same. (Though if you enjoy it a little less on October 15th and December 1st of this year, I certainly wouldn't blame you ;) )