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Phoenix Coyotes Draft Day - Picks by Round

Greetings Coyotes fans. As it's draft day and all I thought I'd help out by giving you a convenient list of all the picks that the Coyotes have going into the first round tonight and then leading into tomorrow. It now includes another 3rd round pick from the Philadelphia Flyers since they signed Ilya Bryzgalov to that insane contract yesterday. 

Round 1 - 20th overall  - CONNOR MURPHY, D, US
Round 2 - 51st overall
Round 2 - 56th overall* (from Philadelphia Flyers)
Round 3 - 84th overall^ (from Philadephia Flyers)
Round 4 - 111th overall
Round 5 - 141st overall
Round 6 - 155th overall# (from New York Islanders)
Round 7 - 196th overall
Round 7 - 201st overall## (from New York Rangers)

What should you expect the Coyotes to do with said picks? Well with 2 second rounders and a newly acquired 3rd GM Don Maloney likely won't be shy about trading up to get someone he really likes, or possibly moving some picks for a goalie if there's one to be had. Maybe The Isles will take their 6th back for Montoya? Hmmm? 

In the first round expect a center if there's a good one available. Sure, picking the best player is typically the rule, but in this draft the first round will be by need as everyone is really similar in skill set and projected in about the same place. 

We'll be updating throughout the day on the goings on at the draft and any news we find to be relevant.