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Midday Minutia - Bruins Run Gives Hope to Coyotes Fans

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In the last day or so, I've seen a fair amount of talk about how if the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup Final this evening they will do having one of the lowest regular season point total leaders of all time.  David Krejci and Milan Lucic led the Bruins this season with 62 points.Lucic and Nathan Horton had 30 and 26 goals respectively to lead the squad from Beantown.

Puck Daddy's Justin Bourne asked the following question on Twitter:

Honest question: has any team ever won a Stanley Cup with a leading scorer that tallied a lower reg season pt total than Looch/Horton?

The answers Bourne got:

So we have Elias in '03 ("dead puck era"), Dave Keon in '67, and Bill Hay in '61 (thanks, ). What B's are doing is impressive.

What the Bruins are doing this postseason should give the Coyotes faithful some hope.  The Coyotes leading point producer this past season was Shane Doan with 60 points.  The Coyotes Captain started slowly as usual in 2010 - 2011.  He only had one goal and seven points before December.  Now about the goaltending...