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Midday Minutia - Coyotes Unlucky in the Postseason

Yesterday's Minutia dealt with the number 14. Today, we subtract one number and look at the number 13. A baker's dozen is the number of games the Phoenix Coyotes have won in the playoffs since their arrival from Winnipeg back in 1996. This means team is averaging less than 1 playoff win per season during their time in the Valley of the Sun.

Furthermore, the Yotes never won a playoff series since their arrival in town. The franchise itself hasn't won a playoff series since 1987 when it was in Winnipeg. The only other franchises in the NHL that haven't won a postseason series since the Desert Dogs arrival are two teams that didn't even exist when the Coyotes started playing in what was then America West Arena, Atlanta (Winnipeg) and Columbus, and the New York Islanders. When you are in the company of two poorly run expansion franchises and an organization ruined by Mike Milbury things haven't gone well.