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The Five for Howling Roundtable - Stanley Cup Final Predictions

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Greetings Coyotes Fans. We are back with a brief Stanley Cup Final edition of the Roundtable.

Who do you think will win the Stanley Cup Final and why?

Jordan - I can truly see either team winning and it comes down to two players, in my opinion. Tim Thomas and Ryan Kesler. If Vancouver can score, I think they win. I'll cheer for them and say they take it in 6 games.

Ben - My prediction is the Boston Bruins. Why? Tim Thomas. Thomas has a better bounce-back ability than Roberto Luongo. At one point in the series with Tampa he allowed five goals one game, the next game he held the Lightning to a single goal on 34 shots. The game after that, another five goal shellacking, he followed it up with a shutout win in game seven. Some would say that just shows his play is uneven. I disagree. It shows to me that he has the ability to truly forget about what has happened, and just play in the moment. Luongo on the other hand, seems to let those moments get into his head. While Roberto's play as of late has been stellar, you can't forget the Canucks were one bad bounce or one breakaway from losing that game seven vs Chicago, and that is something Roberto can't forget.

Travis - You know. I honestly don't know. I wish neither team would win, but I suppose that ship has sailed. Either way this turns out I'm unhappy. I dislike Boston as a sports town entirely and I'd rather not have Vancouver win even if the rest of Canada doesn't really want them to. In terms of talent it's going to be all Vancouver's scoring against Chara on D and more importantly Tim Thomas in goal who has been standing on his head. I'll give Vancouver the edge just because of the offense they can create, but I'll pick Boston to win just to jinx them. I'm already looking forward to the Draft and the Pre-season though rather than paying attention to these games so what do I know?

Carl - Both teams have excellent starting goalies in Thomas and Luongo and extremely capable backups in Rask and Schenider. Both teams have depth on the blueline. The Canucks corps is more heralded as a group, but guys like Johnny Boychuck and former Coyote Dennis Seidenberg should not be overlooked. I've been a fan of Julian's work with his D corps the last 2 years. No big names minus Chara, but they are sound positionally and play their system well. I'd give the Canucks the slight advantage, but not much of one. Tomas Kaberle probably tips the balance for me and by that I mean his presence hurts the Bruins. The Bruins don't have anyone of the caliber of the Sedins or Ryan Kesler at forward. The B's power play has been downright pathetic and without Marc Sabard I don't anticipate it being much better in the Final. Mainly because of the disparity at forward, like Jordan, I am picking the Canucks in 6.