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So Where Are We and Where Are We Going?

So not a ton has happened over the past couple weeks and that could be part of why there hasn't been much going on here at FFH. But really Myself and the other writers, I think, aren't really sure what the readers, or really ourselves, want at the moment. Sure, there's the new 25 Million dollar idea from the City of Glendale that could keep the team here for the next season. There are the back and forth rumors about, well everything under the sun. There's a season to recap, the draft and free agency too. Let's not forget there's still hockey on too, which I understand people watch even when the Coyotes aren't playing. The big question for me though is what do you want us to cover?

I don't think you readers want us to cover the on going ownership mess. Sure, I could write yet another post about it and draw some page views. Ban a few more trolls. Then write another one when there's another story about it etc. I don't know about you, but I simply don't know what to write about that anymore. I could probably just copy and paste one from last summer and change some dates around though.

I'd love to focus on the hockey aspect, but are people even excited about the draft or free agency with this cloud still hanging over the team? In internal discussions it sure doesn't seem like it.

We could just write generally about hockey and the playoffs, but I haven't really been watching all that closely.

Basically we're not sure what direction the people that read this site want us to go in (Except for you Winnipeg troll, we know what you want so shut it) so help us out. What would you like to see on the site in the coming weeks?