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Phoenix Coyotes' ECHL Affiliate Promotes Oct. 21st Rapture Night

From the team that brought you Rob Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night and Dick Cheney Hunting Vest Night comes perhaps the best ever idea for a minor league promotion yet. Coinciding with the October 21st home opener is the new date for the impending rapture so the amazing people in the Las Vegas Wranglers' front office decided to bring everyone "Rapture Night". Now I usually don't cut and paste press releases, however this one is full of quotes and it's just easier that way. Here you go:


Rapture Night Planned for Las Vegas Wranglers Home Opener

Las Vegas Wranglers to Play Last Ever Professional Hockey Game, Maybe

Las Vegas, NV- The Las Vegas Wranglers announced today that its home opener on October 21 will be the last ever professional hockey game played on Earth and that plans about Rapture Night are forthcoming.

"This is a low-risk proposition," said Wranglers president and COO Billy Johnson. "If it doesn't go as planned, it's not the end of the world."

Oakland-based talk show personality Harold Camping revised on Tuesday his prediction for End of Days to coincide with the Wranglers home opener on Friday, October 21 at the Orleans Arena. The Wranglers will plan to turn the fortunate, or unfortunate, timing of the apocalypse into Las Vegas' largest publicly ticketed Rapture event.

"With 7,000 seats, the ideas and possibilities of this are limitless," Johnson said. "We are in the business of saves and penalties, so we know a little about the subject."

Although Johnson admits the prospect of an event as this taking place in Sin City may border on pun, he said T-shirts will be a likely component of Rapture Night. "Nothing says Rapture like a t-shirt night," Johnson said, "Nothing."

Despite planning for the end, the ECHL professional hockey team will announce a full schedule that lists dates beyond October 21, 2011 soon.

"We will continue to sell season tickets and sponsorships for a full 2011-12 season," Johnson said. "End of Days does not relieve us from our need for cash flow."

The Las Vegas Wranglers have famously hosted Dick Cheney Hunting Vest Night, Rob Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night and Regrettable Tattoo Night in recent years



I love minor league hockey.