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Coyotes Tracks - May 11, 2011 - Coyotes Staying Put Next Season

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Last night's vote in Glendale means the Coyotes will be playing at Arena once again next season.  More details on the meeting below, plus some actual hockey news as well.

Coyotes News

Coyotes to Remain in Glendale for at Least One More Year - Five For Howling
Travis on last night's COG council meeting.

05/10/2011 Glendale Vote Recap Video - NHL VideoCenter - Phoenix Coyotes
Dave Vest reports on last night's proceedings including Bill Daly's post meeting comments.

Glendale approves $25 million more for Coyotes
Rebekah Sanders on the vote. AJ gets quoted in the article.

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News From Around the Hockey World

Going Back to Cali: Red Wings 3 - Sharks 1 (Series tied 3-3) - Winging It In Motown
The Wings force a Game 7.

Top 100 Prospects - The Goalie Guild
Three Coyotes goalie prospects make the list. | Elliotte Friedman | Keefe has coaching chops, plus 30 thoughts
Number five isn't an issue after last night.

Hockey's coat of many colours | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun
Let's hope the trend continues and that down the road there won't be the need for such an article.

$350 Million Nassau Coliseum Plan [presser open thread] - Lighthouse Hockey
If after last night you are itching for more politics meets hockey events there is another one for you today on Long Island.

Pittsburgh homecoming for Jaromir Jagr? It could happen | ProHockeyTalk
I'm guessing a couple of fanbases would be geeked up about the idea. Not for the reason Pens would be either.


The World Championships

IIHF WC: Quarterfinals Day 1 Open Thread - Puck Worlds
Bruce Peter previews today's games.  The US plays at 7:15 a.m. MST against the number one seeded Czechs.

USA-Czech Republic preview -
Kevin Allen's previews this morning's matchup.


The Final Howl

Down Goes Brown: A brief history of NHL playoff goats
Sweet memories.


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