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Choose Your Own Adventure: Sharks vs Kings

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With all the scoreboard watching Phoenix Coyote fans have been doing lately I have a question for you all before the Sharks - Kings game tonight. Basically who do you want to have win?

Do you Choose the Sharks?: This direction means that you've given up on the Division title and would rather secure a first round home ice series. A Sharks win means that any hope of the Pacific Division crown disappears, but it gives the Coyotes back possession of 4th place without having to do anything.


Do you choose the Kings? If so this means you still have dreams of the Pacific Division banner that requires the Sharks to lose their remaining games and the Coyotes to win all of theirs in regulation. A lofty goal, though not very likely and it hurts the Coyotes position and hopes of home ice in the first round, likely against those very same Kings.

Either way I think the Coyotes fans just hope for a regulation win again. no more OT!