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Coyotes Tracks - April 22 - No Recyled Links

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With the Coyotes season over, as expected the ownership issue is now taking center stage.

Ownership Related News

Phoenix Coyotes meeting ends with no resolution
Cecilia Chan's article from the Arizona Republic on yesterday's meeting.

YouTube - Meeting between Goldwater Institute and City of Glendale
Audio of yesterday's meeting from GWI's Youtube site.

We're All Phoenix Coyotes: Why Potential Relocation To Winnipeg Is Nothing To Cheer -
SB Nation's NHL Editor on why he believes all NHL fans should be Coyotes fans right now.

Bourne Blog: Relocation sucks the fun right out of playoffs - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
In case you didn't see Justin Bourne's column yesterday check it out. A number of Coyotes blog including ours get a mention in a unique way.

Off-ice saga with Phoenix Coyotes looks bleak for all
Bob Young's take on the ownership saga.

Phoenix Coyotes' on-ice fate dictated by finances
Sarah McLellan on the budget issues that impacted the Coyotes this past season.

More links after the jump...

Coyotes News

Eulogy: Remembering the 2010-11 Phoenix Coyotes - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
A couple of decent cracks and made the Winnipeg/PHX connection with the Wings, but overall I expected more. WARNING - Remember folks the point of these is to make fun of the teams. If you can't laugh at the current situation then don't click the link.


News From Around the Hockey World

2011 playoffs: Tonight’s two pivotal Game 5 matches | ProHockeyTalk
James O'Brien preview's tonight's action.

Tracking zone entries - Broad Street Hockey
Interesting idea for a new advanced hockey metric.


The Final Horn

The NHL's Goal Horns, In Order | The Awl
Enjoy. (s/t to Deadspin)


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