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Breaking News(?): Principals Flying Into Glendale for Meeting

Will this deal ever get done!!!  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Will this deal ever get done!!! (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

According to various reports, the principals involved in the potential sale for the Coyotes are all congregating in Glendale tonight to see if this deal can get closed without a lawsuit being filed. See the full story at the Phoenix Business Journal's website.

We've been avoiding speculating on the various rumors and what-have-you that has been in the news recently, and this comes with its standard disclaimer about "sources" and "reports." It seems that with Bettman and Daly making the trip, though, there might be something going forward.

What is also interesting about the report is that it mentions Hulsizer may be sweetening the pot by putting up some more of his own money.

Asking Hulsizer to contribute more than the current estimated $70 million he is putting into the transaction.


This is a positive development for fans because it (once again) shows the type of commitment Hulsizer is willing to put into this organization. Granted, if Hulsizer has the financial resources to fully fund this purchase himself without any bond issue, then he could make the whole GWI situation disappear before it got going.

As soon as any real news breaks on a potential ownership deal, we'll have the complete coverage. For now, nothing has really changed - wait and see and come out tonight to see the Coyotes battle the Western Conference-leading Canucks.