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Coyotes Tracks - March 8, 2011 - Riding high on Winged Wheels

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Coyotes vs. Red Wings Post Game News

The Yotes had a huuuuge comeback shoot out win over the Red Wings Saturday. The sellout crowd at arena, and all the fans watching on TV were riding high, and for a moment we were all distracted from the political mess brewing in the City of Glendale. Jordan was at the game and particpated in the pregame show with Todd Walsh of Fox Sports AZ, you can read Jordan's recap here: Desert Miracle - Coyotes Rally From 3 Down For Shootout Victory

Be sure to read more articles about the Coyotes, and more about our good friends over at the Goldwater asylum institute,

after the jump...


Coyotes News

Phoenix Coyotes Get a 'Huge' Lift With a Shootout Win - Bleacher Report
The Phoenix Coyotes needed a lift, any kind of lift, and they were rewarded against one of the more powerful teams in the NHL...

NHL: Glendale suit wouldn't impact Coyotes - Yahoo! Sports
Some reassurances coming from NHL VP Bill Daly, as he doesn't expect any potential legal action to change "how the franchise issue plays out" in Phoenix.

Sources: Glendale holds off on filing suit in Coyotes sale - ESPN
The City of Glendale remains poised to file suit against the Goldwater Institute over what it alleges is illegal interference in the attempted sale of municipal bonds critical to keeping the Phoenix Coyotes in Arizona.

A Coyote with Quiet Confidence -
Adrian Aucoin will soon play in his 1000th career NHL game

Coyotes to Give Away St. Patrick's Day Green Hats to First 10,000 Fans at Thursday's Game vs. Calgary - Phoenix Coyotes
Who doesn't like a free hat, and they sure would look nice littering the ice at some point...


Goldwater Institute – Dictating business outcomes with no business experience - AZ Vibe
After two years, the Phoenix Coyotes ownership saga is reaching the most critical point this week. 



and lots of articles from AZCental recently:

Coyotes sale price rises to make up for losses
The Phoenix Coyotes purchase price has risen because of team losses, but ticket sales are up. Matthew Hulsizer says he's willing to pay the new price.

Phoenix Coyotes hope to build off stunning win Tuesday vs. Vancouver Canucks
Notes: Victory would move team into fifth place in jumbled Western Conference.

Goldwater assails lawsuit threat over Coyotes probe
Goldwater CEO vows the institute will not stop its investigation of the city's Phoenix Coyotes deal.

Criticizing Phoenix Coyotes' fan base is unfair
Boivin: That's it. Slap me with a misconduct if you like, but I'm done listening to those who say the Valley can't support a hockey team.

Phoenix Coyotes worth getting to know
Bickley: The Coyotes have a strong mix of character and characters, but even that's not enough to keep the team from feeling the pressure of relocation talk.


News About Tonight’s Enemy

Weekend in L.A. does wonders for Canucks -
Lets hope all that fun in the sun has lulled the Canucks into 1st place complacency

Thoughts on Canucks Nation - Nucks Misconduct
Good insights on the fan base we will be encountering tonight at the 'Job'


News From Around the Hockey World

A good Western Conference team will miss the playoffs  - Sporting News
A good breakdown of the traffic jam in the western confrence

Iginla captures NHL 1st star of week honors -
The Coyotes defensive systems are going to have a difficult time slowing Jarome Iginla as he seems to be on fire as of late.


The Final Howl

The unofficial NHL fan flow chart
I have a large supply of Gold Bond medicated powder...

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