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How The Goldwater Institute Is Proving Phoenix is a Hockey Market

I don't know about you, but I'm someone that really tries to take someone at their word when they say something. When Matt Cooke says he's really sorry for hitting someone in the head? I trust that. When David Shoalts says he's not biased? Yup. I'm sure he at least believes he isn't. And when the people from the Goldwater Institute say they have the best interest of the taxpayers at heart, I have to at least think that they think that's what they're doing. 

If that's true though then what does that mean for the taxpayers? Does that mean that the taxpayers themselves want to see a deal fall apart that would leave a big hole in the City of Glendale, no hockey team, and a multi-million dollar retail complex turn into a ghost-town? What kind of tax payer would actually want that? The answer: Canadian ones.

It's no secret that a large part of the Coyotes ticket buyers are Canadians that have relocated to the valley. Sometimes it's just for games against their hometown team. Sometimes they buy season tickets, but they come to games at least sometimes. What I didn't realize until today is just how many Canadians must pay taxes here in Glendale and Phoenix in order for Goldwater's claims to be true. Not only that, but how many of them really just moved here to get a hockey team to move. Pretty sneaky. These Canadian citizens that are clamoring for the Coyotes to be moved and the deal to fall through have to be large in number for Goldwater to take notice of them yessiree. What that does mean though is that there are a ton of hockey fans here that like hockey. We just need to get them to be Coyotes fans. Those crazy canuckleheads.

Of course that's all just a joke. In reality the taxpayers GWI is "protecting" don't exist. That's because taxpayer money isn't going into this deal despite what keeps getting repeated. Parking fees will pay off the bonds. All GWI can say is "We don't think the money equals out" despite several studies saying that it will. GWI likes to cite one of the studies being biased, but hey that's why there are other ones. All GWI cares about is looking powerful and posturing. If they had a case, they'd have sued already because that's pretty much all they do. 

While I'm at it, if the Goldwater group wants to be taken seriously as an advocacy group maybe don't have the person in charge of your litigation department act like a stooge on facebook