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City of Glendale Reportedly Filing Suit Against Goldwater

As reported by ESPN and outlets from here to Nunavut, the City of Glendale is reportedly filing a lawsuit against the Goldwater group for interfering with the sale of municipal bonds that would help, in part, to fund the sale of the Coyotes. The suit reportedly alleges that the group and it's members reached out to potential buyers of the bonds to warn them off. If true this would constitute tampering by the group and could cost millions of dollars to the watchdog group. The city is seeking damages should the team leave but there is a more important part to this suit that writers, especially North of the border seem to be ignoring. That's this tibit from the ESPN report by Pierre LeBrun:

It's believed the city will also ask for a judgment that the lease agreement doesn't contravene state law.

If the City can get that judgment soon then the lawsuit becomes moot as two things happen. First it means that the Goldwater Group wouldn't have any grounds on which to sue any longer. That in turn would lower the rate on the bonds, which is what the city needs anyways, and allow the sale to proceed. However, if this time takes away from profits, or the tampering negatively affects the interest rate, Glendale could still have a claim as there would be monetary damages. 

In all this suit isn't an indicator of the team staying or going in and of itself and saying otherwise is foolish. What this move does is take away the Goldwater Institute's ability to sit and do nothing and get a "win." It forces the issue to a resolution one way or another while not committing the city to a bad interest rate should they issue the bonds and GWI not sue anyhow. Hopefully the city can get a quick resolution to the question of the legality of the lease and move forward in a timely manner for everyone's sake.