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More New Writers! - FFH Adds Paul Becker and Ben Shroyer

Howdy FFH readers. Just wanted to let everyone know that we've added a couple new writers to the staff here at Five for Howling. 

Paul Becker who writes his own site over at One Fan's Perspective has come aboard to write some game previews and whatever else happens to strike his fancy. Paul was one of the first Coyotes bloggers to really even exist starting his site in 2006. Adding him to the crew here is a pretty big deal really. We're excited to have him aboard. Follow him on twitter too at @pabecker

Ben Shroyer moderates the reddit site for the Coyotes and is going to help us out with the Coyote Tracks posts in the mornings (as you may have already noticed) and pitch in an article or two here and there for right now. Be sure to welcome him to the team and follow him as well @BenShroyer

We've added two great guys, but are always looking for more writers to help out and make this site a bigger and better place for Coyotes fans. if you're interested email me at