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Glendale Releases "FAQ" In Regards to Goldwater, Coyotes Deal

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Another day, another press release in the continuing Phoenix Coyotes saga. This time from our friends over at the City of Glendale with a 3 page press release answering questions about the potential deal with Matthew Hulsizer and the ongoing crap with the Goldwater Institute. I'll post it in it's entirety after the jump though I'm using Scribd which I've never done before so if it's broken then... I'll get it fixed as soon as possible. 

Some people reading this might be asking, well aren't you also going to post the Goldwater group's FAQ too? Short answer: No. Long answer: No, because this is a fan centric site and we pretty much regard most of what Goldwater has to say as posturing and general nonsense not worth anything but our derision. Also if we want to read their FAQ, we know where to find it. On the Globe and Mail website. 

So after the jump the City of Glendale's FAQ. Leave your thoughts on it in the comments and what you think they might still need to add to it.