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Coyotes Tracks - March 22, 2011 - Hulsizer and Goldwater Square off... Again

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Even Senator John McCain couldn't get glass seats in the sold out arena Sunday night.
Even Senator John McCain couldn't get glass seats in the sold out arena Sunday night.

The Phoenix Coyotes take on the St. Louis Blues tonight at Arena at 7pm. Another day, another twist and turn in the Coyotes ownership saga. Lets recap:

Ownership News

Goldwater, come down from Mount Olympus - AZcentral
Goldwater pretends to be a ''watchdog'' of taxpayers' interests. Really? Which taxpayers?

Video - Fox Sports Arizona
Matt Hulsizer on the 1st intermission from Sundays night game.

Here is the Letter

Video - Fox Sports Arizona
Senator John McCain and Former AZ Attorney General Grant Woods on the 2nd intermission from Sundays night game.

Illegal, expensive deal for taxpayers remains in place - Goldwater Institute
...aaaand Goldwater's response.

Got it? Ok moving on.

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Coyotes News

Phoenix Coyotes' Eric Belanger proves the right fit
The Coyotes are happy to have Eric Belanger because, with the recent absence of Martin Hanzal, he has taken on more responsibility and played like a No. 1 center. He has four goals and nine points in his past seven games.

Lake Cowichan Gazette - Hunting humans with Russell Floyd
Shane Doan and his brother will be hunted for sport. 


News About Tonight’s Enemy

Blues buddies relish being together again 
Sounds like Carlo Colaiacovo and Alex Pietrangelo' bromance needs to be featured on the kiss cam tonight


News From Around the Hockey World

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings -  March 21, 2011 - ESPN
The Pittsburgh Penguins Blow a 4 goal lead and let the Detroit Red Wings earn a point.

Flames at Kings - 03/21/2011 - - Recap
Yet another 3 point OT game, in the western conference. As the Kings get the win over the Flames


The Final Howl

Flying Off the Handle: A Brief History of Wacky Objects Hockey Fans Have Thrown on the Ice | The Checking Line


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