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Goldwater Institute Holds "Town Hall" Over Coyotes Sale

The Goldwater Institute (GWI), with President and CEO Darcy Olsen out in front , have been on a political PR style campaign over the last few weeks in an effort to kill the Phoenix Coyotes ownership deal between Matthew Hulsizer and the City of Glendale.  Ms. Olsen seems to be everywhere these days.  She has been on a number of radio and TV broadcasts here in the Valley in the last few weeks.  In addition, she wrote a column for the editorial page of the Arizona Republic.

The most interesting events, outside of GWI's contacts with potential bond investors, have been Ms. Olsen's forays into media up in the Great White North.  Heretofore on every other issue I've seen GWI get involved with the political think tank focused almost exclusively on Arizona specific issues or ones involving the United States as a whole, though even then it was normally related to Arizona in some manner.  So why would they look to engage the Canadian public? I can only assume Ms. Olsen and GWI are hoping to find people in Canada who will help fund their think tank.  Otherwise what would be the point of speaking to media in an area of the world that doesn't include people directly impacted by their concerns about the COG/Hulsizer deal?

Once I heard that Ms. Olsen was speaking to outlets in Canada and was attempting to rally tea party members in Arizona I assumed they were planning on waging a traditional political campaign complete with on the issue.  This evening my assumption was confirmed when I received my first political robo call since last November.  Residents in the state of Arizona, including myself, received a recorded telephone message from Ms. Olsen about a live town hall that you could purportedly listen in on.  Check out Geoff's post over at My Hockey Rambling on what happened when he listened in on the "town hall".  Like all political campaigns this ones seems to involve mixing ideology with fund raising.  GWI, by their actions, have made it clear that they don't ever plan on backing down unless something unforeseen occurs. 

If nothing else, tonight's phone call confirmed that GWI doesn't plan on going away nor do they appear to have any real concern about finding a solution.  This issue has raised their profile both locally, nationally, and internationally.  The more publicity they gain and the more they think this issue helps them the more likely they are to continue to place obstacles in the way of the deal.  For GWI the stakes aren't high and they have little to lose.  Coyotes fans and the City of Glendale can't say the same thing.